THE CHEFS ACADEMY: a tool to create a sustainable and profitable Canadian culinary scene


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Montreal, June 7, 2023 — As the largest network of chefs and culinary professionals in the country, CHEFS CANADA’s mission is more than just managing our National Culinary athletes to the Bocuse d’Or and World Pastry Cup. It’s mission? To promote our cuisine, terroir, ingredients, and products, at home as well as abroad, while enabling a sustainable and profitable culinary scene. For the 3000+ industry pros part of the CHEFS CANADA family that stretches from coast to coast, this starts with unity and the sharing of knowledge. That is why CHEFS CANADA is thrilled to announce the launch of the CHEFS ACADEMY, a new program that is meant to inspire, equip, and share the tools it takes to ensure success.  

From business topics — such as how to calculate plate cost or how to get a return on investment on marketing efforts — to cool and trendy techniques, recipes and everything in between, the CHEFS ACADEMY will tap into the knowledge of its community to share insights for chefs, cooks, foodservice workers and restaurant owners. To enable that dialogue, CHEFS CANADA has appointed Chef Romain Avril has the Dean of the ACADEMY. His role will consist in hosting discussions on a wide realm of topics, asking the questions his fellow foodservice workers are searching for and sharing those answers with the CHEFS CANADA family twice a month. 

“I’m thrilled to have the chance to give back to the restaurant industry, explains Chef Romain Avril. “After more than 20 years in the restaurant business including 13 years in Canada, I know the struggles of my peers and through the CHEFS ACADEMY I hope to help build a platform where everyone can share and grow together. I invite the community to connect with me on Instagram, Facebook @chefscanada or on the Chefs Canada website at to volunteer to host a masterclass on your topic of expertise.”  

“With staff shortage deeply affecting our industry, it is increasingly important to inspire the next generation by giving our profession the luster it once had,” explains Thomas Delannoy, President of CHEFS CANADA. “Since our mission is to showcase the best our country has to offer and to help build and promote Canada as a destination of choice for culinary tourists, the sharing of knowledge is a simple way to enable our family to expand and perfect their skills, ensure business success and help build booming careers.” 

To kickstart the series in June, CHEFS CANADA will be sharing the Masterclasses that took place at the Restaurant Canada Show during the National Selection.

Devoted to inspiring culinary excellence, Chefs Canada has a mission to promote Canadian cuisine, terroir, producers, ingredients and products here at home as well as abroad, doing our part to create a sustainable and profitable culinary scene. Strong of a network that counts some of the country’s best chefs and top industry professionals, Chefs Canada works to shine the spotlight on our industry in order to further define and promote our cuisine through global competitions and partnerships. The organization is strongly rooted in their desire to unite, share and transmit our mutual expertise, techniques and savoir-faire amongst Canadian chefs but also with the next generation, creating a demand and standard for Canadian gastronomy on the world stage.


To schedule an interview with our Chef Romain Avril or Thomas Delannoy, President of CHEFS CANADA or to request high-res photos, please contact The PR Department at 416.535.3939 or [email protected]