Leading Italian winemaker Zonin set to create buzz this summer with NEW BEA, a surprising wine crafted exclusively for the Quebec market that will leave you without words…


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Montreal, July 8, 2020 — Busy and buzzing, our bustling daily lives often leave us speechless and in awe of the multitasking mavens and do-it-all gurus who never seem to tire. Designed to remind us all, even in the most hectic of days, to stop and smell the roses, BEA is new versatile and contemporary white wine created exclusively for the Quebec market set to hit select SAQ stores this month.

Derived from the Italian word “bella” in the local Veneto dialect, BEA is the latest fresh, crisp and vivacious white to join the regal hive of fine wines of Casa Vinicola Zonin. The perfect complement to end the day of busy bees in La Belle Province, the young, irreverent and playful vino has been developed using flavour profiles aligned with the preferences of the refined yet adventurous Quebec palates. BEA pairs well with deeply aromatic dishes from spicy curries and rich Asian fare as well as lighter bites like seafood or crudités.


“We’re excited to bring BEA to Quebec,” confirms Katie Wallace, Marketing Director at Mosaiq. “This launch is timely since Quebecers’ love for whites continues to grow, now accounting for nearly 35% of total wine sales at SAQ. Chardonnays and Sauvignon Blancs are the province’s preferred grapes among white wine consumers and are the two key varietals predominantly found in BEA. All in all, this charmingly audacious every day wine is about approachability, affordability and enjoyability in one bottle!”

From Italy to La Belle Province

BEA’s versatility is rooted in the artful medley of grapes which are carefully selected to create this invigoratingly modern white. Using only the finest grapes of Garganega, Chardonnay and Sauvignon from one of the most suited areas for viticulture in Italy, the straw yellow wine boasts a fresh, dry and crisp flavour balanced to perfection by a light, creamy texture. With persistent notes of apricot and yellow-stoned fruit, its complex bouquet of intense floral hawthorne takes center stage, highlighting its light, tropical character and abundant notes of passion fruit, mandarin and nectarine.

This vibrant and easy-to-adore wine sings the praises of Italy’s iconic Veneto region, the beating heart of Zonin. The award-winning winemaking family enjoys a strong history of creating formidable wines with their elite local grapes and expert team of vintners for more than seven generations. With BEA, the brand’s oenologists created a fresh and modern wine that stays true to the tried and true wine-growing traditions of its region.

Delightful to enjoy at the dinner table or the cocktail party, BEA will retail for $13.95 and will make its worldwide debut at select SAQ locations in Quebec this month.

Visit Mosaiq.ca or Saq.com for more details and where to buy.


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