We’re not like
your past agency.

Though it’s fashionable to see business as an impersonal activity where only the bottom-line matters, that’s not what we’re about.
For us, business IS personal.
We believe that it’s in fact a team sport where the game is centered around interactions with consumers, clients, fellow employees, investors and influencers – and those who understand people best, win at business. At the heart of every transaction is a relationship where emotions play a big part of the decision-making process. Ultimately, we mostly buy from those we enjoy dealing with.
Founded in 2002, The PR Department is a newer, fresher, more forward-thinking agency. With two divisions working together seamlessly, think of us as a one-stop-shop that harnesses the power of senior creatives, along with 18 years worth of experience in designing and implementing a range of full service, 360° Marketing-communications strategies and award-winning brand activations.
Fuelled by an undying need to go beyond the bottom line of our clients, our team of idea brokers and problem solvers, comes together to forge strategic and creative plans that’ll exceed our clients’ marketing and business objectives. We boost traffic, smash bottom lines, and get brands noticed; it’s about turning fledgling brands into superstars.
Be sure to expect ingenuity, high-quality and dogged dedication.
There is no compromising on our business motto to consistently deliver the best results, at the best price possible. The way we see things here, business is personal. We treat our clients’ businesses as though they were our own, and we believe that’s been the main key to our success. Boutique? We think bigger than that.

Read on about our values, The Plumb Line that guide how we do business.

Brand Architects
Brigitte Foisy
Brand Architect

As a respected marketing and communications professional with over 20 years of solid experience, Brigitte is a true Quebecker—passionate to the core! After eight years in agency, her desire was to partner with clients to provide smart, creative and cost effective communications solutions, expert counsel, superior execution and objective-driven results. She enjoys being part of her partners’ successes and commits her time and dedication to helping ‘clients’ take their business to another level. That is why being the ‘outside’ counsel was never satisfying and why she created The PR Department… it is all about being an integral part of your team.

Debora Marques
Master Builder
Debora Marques moved from Brazil to Toronto in 2010, and joined The PR Department as a bilingual consultant short after. Thanks to her strong willingness to learn, unwavering dedication, passion and hard work, Debora quickly became an invaluable asset for the firm. Debora became a partner of The PR Department in August 2016, following the staggering success of a two year activation with French brand Maille. As Vice President of the PR division, Debora oversees media relations, bloggers and influencer programs, social media, event planning and execution as well as the Human Resources for both divisions of the agency. Under her supervision, the results of media relations and social media mandates of the agency have seen significant growth, and the team has seen an influx of experiential marketing mandates.